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From Phone to Checkout

Featured in: Florida Dental Association By Sarah Woods, Dental Marketing Consultant Due to advances in technology, dental marketing has become a crucial element in the success of a dental practice. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and focused on the marketing, causing the fundamentals of a successful dental practice to get lost. If the…

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The Dental Practice Sales Funnel

By Sarah Woods, Dental Marketing Consultant The sales funnel is alive and well within every dental practice. The success of marketing efforts is directly related to the sales effectiveness of the dental team within the dental practice. Each team member has a role to play in the success of the patient experience and how well…

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Get Out There! Tips for Networking

By Sarah Woods, Dental Marketing Consultant ​Networking is a necessary evil in all businesses, and for dentists and dental employees it’s important, whether it’s with colleagues or in your local community. Here are a few tips for successful networking: Manage your expectations, less is more If you’re attending a networking event, it is important avoid…

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