How to Create Your 2020 Marketing Plan for Dentists

We all know that referrals make the best patients, but if counting on referrals alone to keep your calendar filled as we enter the new decade is your only marketing plan, you may be setting yourself up for less than desirable outcomes.

If you want to kick off 2020 with a bang for your dental practice, then you need to have a strong, strategic dental marketing strategy firmly in place. And there’s no better time to get the ball rolling on that strategy than now.

The world of dental marketing can feel like a whirlwind; concepts and algorithms change quickly, new platforms and technologies crop up, and customer behaviors change. It can be difficult to know where to begin, what works, and what doesn’t.

If your practice is feeling the strain of the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and looking for a solid direction to follow as we enter the new year, you’re in luck because we’re breaking it all down here for you.

Optimize Your Website With SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimization comes in at the top of our list for how to create your 2020 marketing plan because it’s the foundation of your entire plan. If you haven’t already, 2020 is most definitely the time to start implementing SEO best practices into your online presence so your brand can be seen and heard more through Google.

Just to give you an idea of the power of Google and its market dominance, take a look at some of these statistics:

  • Google processes around 70,000 searches every second—that’s 5.8 billion searches per day.
  • The average Google user searches three to four times per day.
  • The volume of Google searches grows around 10% every year.
  • Around 90% of searches done from a desktop are conducted via Google.

The moral of the story is: Google is a giant. Statistically, it’s where the majority of your potential customers are going to search when they need services like the ones you offer, so it’s important that you show up in front of those searchers.

Failure to optimize your website for SEO and show up for your targeted keywords means that you’re giving away business to your competition.

And that’s just being optimized for Google searches, you also have to make sure that your website is fully optimized to convert traffic to paying clients. It’s great to have a nice looking website, but looks aren’t everything. If your site isn’t user-friendly and set up strategically for conversions, that traffic will click the back button just as quickly as they landed on your site.

The first step you need to take towards ensuring you have a rock-solid dental marketing plan for 2020 is to make sure that your website is showing up on Google and that it’s optimized for patient conversions. You must take your new patient on a digital journey that’s easy to navigate so that they’re ready and excited to experience what you have to offer in the real world.

Implement or Enhance Your Google Ads Campaigns

If you aren’t already utilizing Google’s paid search platform, you should absolutely consider making it a part of your dental marketing plan for 2020, here’s why:

  • Out of all the paid search platforms available, there are four times as many people who are likely to click on paid ads on Google at 63%, than any other platform.
  • According to Google, for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads, they double that in revenue ($2).

We walk you through how to properly set up your Google Ads account here. With an optimized Ads campaign, your practice can start seeing a steady flow of new patients to your website, and ultimately through your door.

Step Your Review Game Up

A study conducted back in August 2019 asked 1,500 Americans between the ages of 18-65+ “when you’re searching for a new dentist near you on Google, and you get several options to choose from, which will you most likely pick?” Here are the results:

  • 43.3% said the one with the best online reviews
  • 19.4% said the one closest to me
  • 18.4% said the one ranked at the top of search engine results

This study solidifies a few things;

1. Dental patients are searching on Google for a dental practice to visit.

2. They prioritize and rely on online reviews most heavily in their decision making.

3. The next two most important criteria are related to SEO, which solidifies our first two points for creating your dental marketing plan for 2020.

Research has shown that 91% of people read online reviews and that 84% of people trust those reviews as much as they trust personal referrals. What’s this mean for your dental practice? It means that your digital reputation is more important than ever.

A great way to boost your positive online reviews is to ask your patients to write you a review. Make it easy for them and maybe even offer an incentive in exchange for the review.

As you create your dental marketing plan for the new year, be sure you include a streamlined process for obtaining a constant flow of new, positive reviews. The more 5-star reviews you build up, the more potential new customers will trust your brand and give your office a try.

Incorporate More Videos into Your Dental Marketing Campaign

dental marketing
Video Marketing interview

Storytelling is a major digital marketing theme for 2020. Today’s consumers want to feel a connection to the businesses they choose to do business with, it has to be personal and there’s nothing more personal than videos.

When you’re planning your dental marketing plan for 2020, be sure video content is included in that plan. We highly recommend using Instagram and Facebook stories, Facebook and Instagram Lives and other digital platforms to show potential customers who you are and what you do.

People love to see spontaneous, unscripted videos that showcase your office, your staff, and other “behind the scenes” content that allows them to form a positive connection.

Get Committed to Content Marketing

dental seo
Content is King

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start your dental blog, time’s up in 2020. Content marketing is all about providing your patients and potential patients with value. It’s safe to say that content will still be king in 2020, so you should prepare by molding your dental marketing plan around it.

Producing high quality, engaging content helps you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to potential patients. This is the stuff that Google search results are made of, therefore, it also fuels your SEO campaign.

Google values high-quality, relevant, and useful content. It’s Google’s goal is to provide the best search experience possible for its users and that includes showing them the information that they asked for.

The best way to use content marketing for your 2020 dental marketing strategy is to focus on high-quality content that directly and expertly answers the questions that your potential patients are asking.

If you’re ready to create your 2020 content marketing strategy, use our step-by-step guide

Find All-in-One Dental Marketing Solutions

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Marketing Strategy Planning

The days of having multiple providers to handle all your digital marketing needs are over. In 2020, synergy is what’s going to take your dental practice to the next level.

Your dental practice needs a full-service dental marketing company that can handle all your marketing needs, from creating your dental marketing strategy to building your website and optimizing it for SEO. More and more dental practices are making the transition to an all-in-one marketing solution to compete in the online atmosphere in 2020.

At Core Dental Solutions, we offer comprehensive dental marketing services covering all the elements of your 2020 dental marketing strategy. We’re your one-stop dental marketing shop that’s here to take your dental practice to new heights in the new decade. Schedule your free consultation here!

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