Marketing Your Dental Practice in 2020: What Will Work and What to Give Up

With the new year and the new decade, just a mere couple of weeks away, it’s time to get serious about your dental marketing plan for 2020. If you want this to be your biggest, best year to date, you have to know what marketing tactics will work for you and which ones you should stop wasting your time on.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the five biggest factors for marketing your dental practice in 2020, including where you should focus your efforts and what you should avoid… our answers may surprise you!

1. Google Vs. Facebook Ads: Which One Nets a Bigger ROI For Dentists?

Digital Paid Advertising- Google or Facebook?

As dental marketing experts we get this question all the time; ‘Facebook ads or Google Ads for my dental practice, which is better?’

We know that your marketing budget is limited, and you need to make sure each dollar you spend is working for you. Facebook Ad costs are on the rise, and while Facebook may be a great option for some businesses, we find that dental practices get a much higher ROI with Google Ads.

Facebook Ads are paid socials and Google Ads are paid search; where are most dental patients going to search for a dentist? They’re going to Google. While your dental marketing should most definitely include social media tactics, in the battle between Facebook Ads and Google Ads and where you should spend your marketing dollars, Google Ads wins.

With the cost to run Facebook Ads on the rise and most of your potential patients taking to Google to search for your services, why waste time and money trying to optimize a Facebook Ad campaign that may not bring you the ROI that a Google Ads campaign could?

Google Ads are more cost-effective to run, while still being highly competitive. With the knowledge and expertise of a dental marketing company like Core Dental Solutions, you can pinpoint your targeted keywords and create an Ad campaign that’s engineered to show up right in front of the people looking for your exact services. The best part is you can do all this at a fraction of the cost of running Facebook Ads.

2020 is all about strategically engineered Google Ads that will give you the highest ROI for your dental practice.

2. Stories on Social Media: Do They Work?

Social Media Stories

Yes, they sure do! If your dental practice hasn’t jumped on the social media stories bandwagon yet, the time is now because stories will be more important than ever in 2020.

Why? Because storytelling is the key to building a personal brand online that people can trust. Social media stories allow you the opportunity to form bonds and trust with your patients on social media and get them to engage more with your brand, and it’s completely free!

Here are our top four reasons why you need to use social media stories on Instagram and Facebook  as part of your dental marketing plan in 2020:

  1. You Can Post a Variety of Different Content: With Instagram and Facebook stories, you have the freedom to post a variety of content without worrying about maintaining a “theme” or “aesthetic” to your feed. This is particularly pertinent on Instagram which we’ll get into later. There are so many different angles you can take on stories, including; announcing the winner of your latest contest, promotional clips, having one of your employees do a story takeover for the day, discussing a procedure you offer…the possibilities are endless. The point is to keep fresh, consistent content up that keeps your followers coming back for more.
  2. Stories Help You Grow Your Audience: As a dental practice that wants to keep a continuous stream of new patients coming in the door, you should never stop looking for new ways to grow your audience. When you post to social media stories, you can use hashtags and location tags to make your practice more discoverable and seen by new faces who may not yet be familiar with your brand.
  3. You Can Engage With Your Audience Regularly: Social media stories are perfect for encouraging engagement among your followers. You can add in polls and ask questions that allow your audience to engage with you but can also provide you with insight into what your patients and followers are looking for and what type of content resonates most with them. You can then take that information and determine what you should produce more of.
  4. Drive Traffic to Your Website: Social media stories can also effectively drive traffic to your website. A recent study conducted by Facebook found that 1 in 3 Instagram users were more interested in a brand, product, or service when they first saw it on stories. By posting compelling content and a good call to action, your audience is much more likely to go check out your website and what you have to offer. And more traffic to your website equates to increased SEO and more online visibility—a win-win.

3. Personalized Brand-To-Customer Marketing: Direct Communication With Your Patients

Virtual Consultations

In keeping with the trend of connecting to your customers and building a trusting relationship and connection to your brand, your 2020 dental marketing plan should include more brand-to-customer marketing.

This means more ways to connect to and communicate directly with your patients. Aside from building social media channels that display and promote your practice and engage with your customers, there’s new, out of the box technology that’s making connecting with your patients on a personal level even easier. 

Prospective patients want to feel a connection, they want to know that they’re not just another set of teeth– that you care about serving them and their needs. With new technology like SmileSnap, you can connect with and build that relationship before they even set foot in your office.

SmileSnap allows you to provide users a comprehensive dental consultation virtually through the app before they come to their first appointment. This helps build trust, provides convenience, and through open communication showcases your desire to provide the best possible customer experience. You’re far more likely to convert online consumers to patients when you provide them with value and build trust first.

4. Templated Marketing vs. Authentic Posts: What’s Working?

Social Media Engagement

The marketing trend for 2020 relies heavily on authenticity and transparency, which means that templated marketing is fading away, making room for authentic posts that display your dental practice’s personality.

Customers want to form a connection to the brands that they choose to do business with, and that requires building a relationship. Relationships are human to human and should not be based on cookie-cutter content strategies and conversations. The type of information that you share and the format in which you share it can build trust and nurture real relationships that help to build your practice and draw in more patients.

So, instead of using a templated content marketing strategy that’s been done time and again, you should focus on creating real, authentic content that showcases your office’s unique value proposition and style.

5. Instagram and Your Dental Marketing Social Media Strategy in 2020

Instagram Marketing

If your dental practice isn’t already on Instagram ad part of your social media marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? In 2020, Instagram will be more vital than ever. Take a look at some of these Instagram stats to get an idea of how massive the growth is on this social media platform:

  • 1 billion people use Instagram every day
  • 500 million people use Instagram stories daily
  • 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily
  • 75.3% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020
  • 70% of users are between the ages of 30-64
  • Its potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users
  • 62% of people say that they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing in in Stories

With stats like these, it should come as no surprise that we recommend that all practices be present and active on Instagram in 2020.

Final Thoughts On What Dental Practice Marketing Strategies Are Going to Move The Needle Forward For Your Dental Practice in 2020

Marketing Strategy for 2020

Heading into 2020 with a bang and making sure that your practice’s calendar is always full means understanding the complexity of the marketing landscape and choosing the strategies and tactics that will work for your practice. This also means getting rid of the old, outdated marketing techniques that simply aren’t serving your practice anymore.

We challenge you to take a look at what your current dental marketing strategy looks like and compare it to our list above. Are there things you need to add in? Anything you should take out?

If you’d like us to take a closer look at your marketing strategy and help you get a jump start on the new year, get in touch today to schedule your free consultation to find out more about how Core Dental Solutions can help you design a strategy that works for 2020 and beyond.

A full calendar with highly engaged, loyal patients is just a consultation away, schedule one here!

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