Positioning Your Dental Practice as An Authority in Your Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

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There’s never been a better time than now to position your dental practice as an authority in your community.

While your initial reaction to the COVID-19 crisis may be to retreat, waiting in the wings for the dust to settle and normal life to resume, it’s actually the perfect time to step up and create content that serves your audience – even if you won’t be able to serve them in-person for some time.

During a time of crisis, people still want to feel connected. They want to know that there are resources for them to utilize even in the midst of chaos. They want to see and hear positivity and hold on to that when times feel tenuous.

As a medical provider, you have a platform and a voice, and we urge you to take advantage of this time to use it. Doing so will not only provide your audience with high-quality content, but it will establish your brand as an authority in the industry which will translate to more patients when this pandemic is over.

Here are the top ways to position yourself as an authority in your community during this unprecedented time, build trust, and create a loyal audience for your practice.

Start Creating Video Content

If you’ve been holding off on connecting to and bring value to your audience than through video content.

It’s the most authentic and relatable form of content creation you can get. People love putting a face to a brand. It helps them to feel a connection, and when people feel connected, they trust you — when they trust you, they become your patient.

You can create and post video content in a variety of ways. For example, you can “go live” on Instagram stories or on Facebook. Or, you can pre-record a video and post it to your website, social media platforms, or send it out in an email newsletter.

There are so many ways to go about creating video content, here are a few ideas that will help you connect with your patients and target audience while providing them with the kind of value and support that they need during this time of crisis:

Video Q&A

You can go about this in a number of ways. You can “go live” on Instagram stories or on Facebook and take questions from your viewers live, or you can collect questions prior to your live stream and answer them for your audience. You can also pre-record a video Q&A session and post it where your audience will see it.


Another way to provide valuable video content is to offer demonstrations for common problems that patients can try to solve on their own at home. For example, you could produce a video that walks a patient through diagnosing and correcting an issue with their braces at home or a video that gives options for easing a toothache– what to do and what not to do.

Try Something Fun!

During a time when life feels heavy and daunting, we could all use a little light and laughter. Make a video showing your team in their homes practicing dental work on their dog or their daughter’s doll – anything to show that you’re completely relatable and that you’re looking for the bright side of a dark situation. You’ll be surprised by how many people appreciate a little humor and fun.

To learn everything more about creating video content, check out Video Marketing 101 For Dentists.

Expand Content on Your Blog

Your website can be a big avenue for growth right now. As more and more people are finding themselves at home, they’re spending more time online – this means more opportunities for them to find and connect with your site. And your current patients may actually be visiting your site to see if they can continue to get dental support.

Here’s how to best develop content for your blog:

Figure Out What Your Audience Needs Most Right Now

If you haven’t done so already, it’s important that you create content that informs your patients on what your practice is doing during this time to help flatten the curve. Touch on all their immediate concerns and offer some confidence and comfort that you’re still available to them and are taking their health and safety seriously.

Create Content That Provides Value

Use this time to expand on your content, creating evergreen posts that will serve your practice and your patients for years to come. While it’s smart to develop posts that are specific to the crisis and how your practice is handling it and supporting the community, it’s also a great time to get those pillar posts up – the content that you’ve been meaning to create, but haven’t had the time or the space to do so yet.

Don’t Ignore SEO

Blog posts are a great way to gain traffic and recognition for your brand, but they only work if you create them with SEO best practices in mind. By targeting keywords and optimizing your blog posts, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your online authority which will serve you long after this epidemic has passed.

For more tips to increase the visibility of your blog, check out our post, Want More Eyes Glued to Your Content? Bump Up the Quality.

Take to Social Media

With most of the country isolating right now, social media usage has spiked dramatically. And it makes sense, we crave community and engagement, and since we are unable to gather in person, we’re taking to social media. Given this knowledge, it’s vital that you take to your favorite platform(s) and engage with your community.

Whether you post to your stories every day or put up a post, you can provide your audience with valuable tips, tricks, and some lighthearted humor, too.

Your audience is on social media right now, more than they ever have been before. Now is your chance to find them, engage with them, and build the trust and authority you need to see more patients than ever when you’re able to re-open your doors.

It’s important to keep track of the social media posts that are engaging with your audience so that you can replicate what works. To find out how to use Facebook Insights to measure the effectiveness of your Social Media, check out out post, How to Use Facebook Insights to Determine if Your Social Media Campaigns Are Working.

What to Expect Moving Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end and life will resume eventually. In fact, many economists are predicting that the recovery from this recession will be quite robust.

The question is, will your dental practice be set up and ready to serve a fresh, new audience when the time comes, or will you be playing catchup?

How can we support you during this time? With proven experience in content marketing and on all the top social media platforms, Core Dental Solutions can help you create and develop great content that positions your practice as an authority in your community. If you’re ready to get started on the journey to becoming an industry leader, get in touch today for your free consultation!

We are here for you! To help you manage through this difficult time, we are discounting our services by 50% from April-July and offering a complimentary strategy session to all dental practice owners.

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