Social Media: Boosting Posts or Paid Ads–Which Gets More Bang For Your Buck For Your Dental Marketing Strategy?


When it comes to advertising on Facebook for your dental practice, you have two options: boosted posts or Facebook Ads.

But what’s the difference and which one gives you more bang for your buck? Is there really a cut and dry answer?

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at Facebook’s advertising platform and examining which of their two advertising methods deserves more of your dental marketing budget.

Boosted Posts Vs. Paid Ads

Let’s begin with the basics, taking a look at each of these marketing tools and how you can use them to drive traffic, accelerate engagement, and get more patients in your door.

What Are Boosted Posts on Facebook?

Boosted Facebook posts are essentially a simpler version of an ad. Boosted posts look very similar to a regular Facebook post. In fact, you create a regular Facebook post for your business and then “boost” it.

This means that when you publish a post to your dental practice’s Facebook page, you can choose to delegate a budget to it to “boost” it—or send it up to the top of your current audience’s News Feed. Additionally, when you boost your post, Facebook will show it to similar users who aren’t yet following your practice.

Spending your marketing dollars to “boost” one of your Facebook posts is the most straightforward way to advertise on Facebook. All you need to do is click the boost button next to your post, choose a target audience, and set a budget, and your off to the races. Facebook will automatically switch your post to an Ad, complete with the “sponsored” label at the top.

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are just that—Ads. Ads are a heartier advertising platform that allows your customized Ads to appear in various areas on Facebook where users are most likely to see them.

With Facebook Ads, you have the option to granularly customize the audience that your ad gets shown to while also setting your budget and your bidding strategy.

Creating a custom Facebook Ad takes a lot more legwork than simply boosting a post. However, if you’re willing to learn the Ads platform, you have a whole wealth of advertising options and potential at your fingertips.

So, What’s The Difference?

The difference between boosted posts and Facebook Ads boils down to this: boosted posts are a way to promote one-off posts made to your dental practice’s business page, creating more brand awareness. And Facebook Ads are made to be robust, ongoing campaigns that reach a broader audience who may have not yet heard of your brand.

Facebook Ads created from the Ads Manager, offer you extra targeting options when compared to boosted posts. They also allow you to go into much greater detail about the people who you’d like to be exposed to your ads. You can use target users based on a myriad of factors, including; age, gender, locations, job title, relationship status, and more.

As you navigate the ad set, Facebook will even give you an estimate of approximately how many people will be exposed to your ad based on your targeting selections.

Another difference between the two advertising methods is that custom ads will appear in more places across Facebook when compared to boosted posts. The locations you can select for your paid ad include desktop and mobile feeds, Instagram, Messenger, and your Audience Network. After you’ve determined where your ads are best suited, you can then define specific placement options like suggested videos, right column ads, Instagram Stories, and more.

What’s the Cost Difference? Which One Offers Most Bang For Your Buck?

Now that you understand the difference between boosted posts and Ads, which one gives you more bang for your buck and should be the focus of your dental marketing strategy?

When it comes to ad spend, boosted posts and custom ads have many similarities. Facebook keeps the pricing structure for both methods relatively the same, with the custom ads option features a few additional possibilities.

With boosted posts, you get to choose the total budget and duration of your campaign. Then, based on those parameters that you set, Facebook will automatically determine your average daily spend amount. Your total reach will then be estimated based on your budget.

Custom Facebook Ads also require you to set a budget, but you get the option to choose between a Lifetime Spend and an Average Daily Spend. These advanced budget setting options also allow you to set bid caps on your campaign—this means that you can set a maximum bid for user actions like link clicks, page views, and more. Additionally, you have the option to let Facebook bid on your behalf and they do this based on the budget you set.

As far as the cost and total ad spend goes, if you want to get super specific about determining what a single click is worth to your dental practice, custom ads are the way to go because you have much more control and the ability to custom-tailor the ads to reach your exact target audience—this allows you to get the most bang for your buck because you can ensure that your ad is reaching the exact people you want to target, which increases your chances of engagement and clicks.

The Verdict

If you want to create a fine-tuned social media marketing plan for your dental practice that’s hyper optimized, Facebook Ads are your answer.

The Ads platform is a powerful tool that can help get your business and brand out in front of thousands of new people on a daily basis. You have the freedom to custom create a social media marketing plan that’s tailored to your practice and your ideal patients.

That’s not to say that boosted posts don’t work, in fact, they can be a great strategy for getting quick hits of engagement and increased brand awareness. But if you’re going to rely on one or the other to take your dental practice to the next level, then Facebook Ads is the way to go.

Want to Dive Deeper Into Facebook Ads for Your Practice?

If you’re not familiar with Facebook’s Ads platform, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. The key to earning an ROI with Facebook Ads is knowing how to optimize them strategically.

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